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April 28, 2017

Who gets to decide what "hate speech" is?
Win the Debate, Don't Shut it Down

How can some claim to celebrate diversity when they don’t allow diversity of thought or speech?

UC Berkeley’s successful attempt to shut down an appearance by Ann Coulter this week is just the latest example of many college students and liberals attempting to stifle free speech by acting as society’s morality police.

Why are so many people trying to  shut down  debates instead of trying  to win  them? Is it because they are basing their arguments on imagery and emotion rather than fact?

As antiwar activists, we rely on the First Amendment, and we have repeatedly struggled to protect our right to free speech . In the past it was the conservative, pro-war establishment who tried to prevent us from publicly expressing our views.  Today it is primarily liberals, progressives and anarchists who are stopping people from speaking - and many of these people believe using violence against people is justified.

“Hate speech” is not free speech, according to those trying to prevent public appearances by various conservatives (the Supreme Court disagreed.)

But even if the court ruled otherwise, who would get to determine what hate speech is?  

Would any citizen who accuses someone else of hate speech have the right to prevent the accused from appearing in public?  If so, when students and the media label people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Charles Murray, Richard Spencer and Ann Coulter as “racist,” “Nazi,” “fascist” or “white supremacist,” who would get to decide if the students or media themselves were engaging in hate speech?

E xamples of today’s hyper-PC culture are offered in this new St. Pete for Peace article (which is a follow-up to  30 Incidents of Out of Control Liberals .) These are instances of colleges and/or liberals in the US – and around the world – who are creating an environment where anybody who doesn’t share their worldview can be demonized and ostracized...

Earth Day Denial that War Causes Climate Change

Is the liberal middle class brain dead about the wars?  Do they not want to hear about war, speak about war or see war protesters?

We thought it would be a good idea to take an anti-war rally to Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg where there was an Earth Day fair last Saturday.  Our reception was anything but warm.

We were warned not to take our anti-war posters into Williams Park.  It was not the police that warned us, it was the organizers of St. Pete Earth Day.  They told us to stay on the corner across the street and out of sight or they would have us arrested.

Who would have guessed that we were treated with much more respect by Trump supporters last month when we held a peace cornering at the Make America Great Again rally in Clearwater?

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