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Wednesday Sept. 27, 7:00pm
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Yale University, 1961. Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) designs a psychology experiment that remains relevant to this day, in which people think they’re delivering painful electric shocks to an affable stranger (Jim Gaffigan) strapped into a chair in another room. Disregarding his pleas for mercy, the majority of subjects do not stop the experiment, administering what they think are near-fatal electric shocks, simply because they’ve been told to. Milgram’s exploration of authority and conformity strikes a nerve in popular culture and the scientific community. Celebrated in some circles, he is also accused of being a deceptive, manipulative monster. His wife Sasha (Winona Ryder) anchors him through it all. 1hr 35min
Trump Foreign Policy
Chronicling the Trump administration's foreign policy
Is this the new left?
It goes without saying that St. Pete for Peace has never, and will never condone any form of violence, even when carried out by those on the left with whom we share common ideologies, as below:
There was a group of activists in Charlottesville, VA on August 12 that the media has largely ignored.

They are called Redneck Revolt, and they believe in "the total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or any other division that bosses and politicians have used to fragment movements for social, political, and economic freedom."

Sounds good so far, right?

Unfortunately, Redneck Revolt also offers training manuals on "kidnapping", "executions", and "terrorism". Their website states, "Terrorism is a weapon the revolutionary can never relinquish". Redneck Revolt appeared with Antifa in Charlottesville.
Armed 'Redneck Revolt' members at the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Va., on August 12, 2017. Credit Edu Bayer for The New York Times
Neo-Nazis in Ukraine supported by the U.S.
Neo-Nazis in Ukraine supported by the U.S.
Given the recent tragic events in Charlottesville, we are reminded of the United States government's support of neo-Nazis in Ukraine the past few years. 

We have been following the situation during this time and have published multiple articles, videos and fact sheets on the topic.  You can check them all out here.

Below are a few samples:
U.S. troops sent to Ukraine in support of forces that include neo-Nazi battalions
U.S. sends troops to Ukraine in support of forces including neo-Nazi battalions
The American Israeli lobby supports sending arms to White Nationalists in Ukraine
Why is the U.S. involved in Ukraine?
U.S. official does not deny neo-Nazis were part of U.S. supported actions in Ukraine
US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation
Here are the white supremicists and neo-Nazis the U.S. is siding with in Ukraine
[NOTE: In April, the US House of Representatives  passed a bill  prohibiting funds allocated by the Department of Defense to provide arms and training to Ukraine's Azov Battalion].
  • Assad had the upper hand so why would he gas his own people?

Assad had the upper hand so why would he gas his own people?

On March 30, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the future leader of Syria should be determined by the people of Syria. So, why 5 days later would Assad gas his own people?  WATCH VIDEO

  • Why Americans Should Cheer

    for Putin in Ukraine

  • Being antiwar under a Trump presidency

    St. Pete for Peace at ANSWER Suncoast rally

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A handful of socially-conscious hip hop artists from Australia. Not all songs are about an "issue" - some are just great songs performed by artists who are pro-peace and anti-war! (Seth Sentry, The Herd, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso, Urthboy)

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    US takes big step towards war with Russia

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