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St. Pete for Peace was founded in 2003 during the run up to the US Invasion of Iraq. We are a diverse group of activists, professionals, students and community members committed to peace and U.S. non-interventionism. 

Our goal is to provide various outlets so that our community may obtain information related to foreign policy and other socially conscious issues not otherwise covered in the mainstream media. 

We uphold a firm stance on non-partisanship and believe that personal political decisions should be based on facts alone. These principles allow us to maintain objectivity and to accurately call out any/all political figures that lie, cheat, steal or otherwise mislead the American people. 

We believe that all U.S. foreign interventions, torture, spying and economic coercion is wrong. We strongly support whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Above all else, we do not believe America is "exceptional" nor do we believe in pre-emptive war or engaging in combat overseas.
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