Sanders said he would continue Obama's drone program
Clinton is even worse
Sanders said, "I support air strikes in Syria and what the president is trying to do ."
Clinton is even worse
Sanders supports the US backed Saudi invasion of Yemen
Clinton is about as bad
Sanders also called on the Saudi Arabian dictatorship "to get their hands dirty" and put "troops on the ground" in the Middle East
Clinton is even worse
Sanders is part of the "nuclear free Iran" club that refuses to take military action off the table with Iran
Clinton is even worse
Sanders typically votes for funding to Israel and he supported the 2014 war on Gaza
Clinton is even worse
Sanders repeatedly votes to fund the war on Iraq and supported sanctions which resulted in the death of an estimated 500,000 children 
Clinton is even worse
Sanders has denounced US coups in Latin America
Clinton has a neo-con policy towards Latin America
Sanders said that, "we're going to beef up our troop level in that part of the world to tell Putin that his aggressiveness is not going to go unmatched."
Clinton is even worse
Sanders rejects Obama's planned trillion-dollar nuclear weapons upgrade
Clinton's position is vague
Sanders said that Winston Churchill - who was a racist warmonger - would influence his foreign policy
Clinton's choice of Henry Kissinger is about as bad

It's clear that Hillary Clinton's foreign policy is worse than Bernie Sanders'.  But from an antiwar perspective, the foreign policy of Bernie Sanders is not even close to being supportable; it's actually repulsive.

Liberals rightfully cheer when Sanders says he doesn't  want to kick Muslims out of the U.S., but they turn a blind eye to the fact that he wants Muslims in the Middle East to bomb and shoot each other

Why is caring about overseas victims of U.S. wars lowest on the totem pole?  Would democrats support Sanders if he were just a little better than - but still bad - on gay marriage, the environment, workers rights, race relations or a woman's right to choose?

The "lesser of two evils" way of thinking is not only cynical and tired, it is catastrophic for millions around the world. Voting for someone because they may kill fewer people overseas, is not acceptable, just like it is not acceptable to:
  • Hire a teacher who "only" rapes adults but not children
  • Support al-Qaeda because they are less brutal than ISIS
  • Vote for someone who said it's not OK for cops to shoot white people, but it is OK to shoot black people
Sanders has pledged to do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from getting into office, but he fails to mention that a Clinton presidency would put (or keep) the "Full Spectrum Dominance" neoconservatives in the Oval Office. 

If Sanders' idea of a "political revolution" is to encourage his supporters to vote for Clinton, then he is a typical politician who ultimately does what is best for his own career.
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