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  • Hi folks, I am way out of your geography but appreciate the work you are doing not just in the US but for peace activists through out the world. Thanks for putting yourselves out there. Ken J.
  • Thank you, excellent report. Alvaro
  • i would LOVE to protest against Killery Rotten Clinton. let me know any plans because i have worked with grassroots sanders activists/delegates all over the state. thanks! erin
  • We are hosting Jill Stein at the Marshall Hall Ballroom at USF. Would you like to table at this event? Wednesday, September 28th. Jennifer
  • I'd like to now what you guys did at the RNC last week to protest Trump campaign for President? Donna
  • What does "Burn the tires" mean? Jack
  • Awesome update. Sharing on Facebook. I'm in Portland so it's interesting to hear what an Oregon delegate said. :-) Burn the tires? What does that mean? -Kenric
  • Sounds to me that you want Donald Trump to win this election.Seems to me you want to sabotage our best chance for keeping a nazi fascist out of office. I once voted for Ralph Nader. I take responsibility for roadblocking the Champion of Climate Change( Al Gore).. . all because I was full of self righteous indignation rather than being fueled by the best choice for my country. I not only threw my vote away . . . I helped Dick Cheney sit in the oval office. I am not proud of this and am positive, if Trump is in the white house, you too will reflect on your innocent  right on uncomprimising mission as a shame on your soul.... Laura
  • Give it up. Who can think less bombs will fly with Donald? Enough. Lydia
  • Great job wish we could have been there with you all. We stand with you all. Bud &Barb 
  • Count me in!!!! I love everything you guys are about. Let me know how I can ever be of assistance. I live in St Pete. Rachel
  • At this point in the race you are voting for Trump if you won't support Hillary. Rethink your anti-Hillary action! Remember 2000. That election changed our world! Stephanie
  • Hi St Pete for Peace: Why do you say this:"Fortunately we were not at the march where the organizers were saying, " I need all white people to move to the back. This is a black and brown resistance march. You will not have a say all up in here...Take your rightful position and get behind us. If you see any white folks, direct them to the back of the crowd." Why are you glad you weren't at this march? Would you have had a problem following the lead of the black organizer? Sincere question. Jesse

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